Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Disney Princess Half Marathon!

This weekend I ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon! It was one of the best experiences I have ever had and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun race! 

The truth is, the journey leading up to this race was not pleasant...in fact I barely trained since my last half-marathon in November...I only clocked in two long runs and barely any short runs...Matt and I dealt with shin splints and horribe IT band syndrome all the way up until the race! I'm a type-A crazy planner so I was so nervous to run a half without training that I was still debating about running it all the way up until the day before! I have ALWAYS wanted to run the Disney Princess and to be honest, we invested a lot in the registration...I was so torn about running it because I didn't want to hurt myself further and it made me really uncomfortable to run without preparation..I honestly just didn't think I could do it...
We decided to pick up our packets just in case we were going to do it so on Saturday we drove over to Disney World and picked up our race packets. The energy at the Expo was contagious! Men and women everywhere already dressed up and every single vendor was there! Thank God I didn't bring in my credit card because I would have bought every Minnie item in  there haha! I just got this huge rush of excitement about running the race. I knew at that moment that I wanted to give it my all to run through Magic Kingdom and run through Cinderella's Castle, so I decided that no matter what I was going to suck it up, put on my tutu and give it everything I had! 

Thankfully, Matt and I only live 40 minutes away from Disney World so we were able to stay at our apartment instead of booking a hotel in Orlando. We ate a hearty dinner, relaxed on the couch, set our alarm for 2AM (I know...so early) and went to bed around 8. I was so nervous and anxious that I barely got any sleep, but I woke up and ate a bagel with peanut butter and transformed myself into Minnie Mouse. I had been rolling out the week prior and wearing my compression sleeves to alleviate any pain in my calves and IT band. I also decided to tape up my legs which really helped! You know that old saying "nothing new for race day" well I did everything new for race day lol and I'm glad we did because it all really worked out for us. I decided to listen to music during this half, because lets be honest, I needed every push I could get!
I packed up a cooler full of ice wraps, water bottles and snacks for after the race and we were on our way at around 3AM. The traffic leading into Disney was pretty hectic so I was so glad to leave as painfully early as we did because the starting line is SUPER far away. After our porto-potty stops we were basically power walking to the start line. 
One tip if you run a Disney race-always submit proof of time because there were over 20k runners and if you don't submit time-you're in the back with the walkers and the weaving in and out of people was bad and I was in the G corral and I was tending to pass people in the C and D corrals! Crazy!
The starting line was so exciting! They had characters releasing the corrals, fire works, a massive screen with Jeff Galloway and 1000s of adorable women (and men lol) in tutus! Matt was such a trooper and matched me! Although he didn't wear a tutu like a lot of guys hilariously did, he still wanted to make me happy and match :) he even allowed a lady spraying everyone's hair with sparkles to spray his! He was such a good sport ;)
Corrals are released in waves so although the race started at 5:30, we were not released until 6AM (that should tell you how many people were there!) By that time my adrenaline was pumping. I was nervous and unsure that I would make it, but the atmosphere was just so exciting. 1000s of women running and celebrating women-it was just amazing to be apart of! 
Mile 1-4 was a breeze for me. Matt began getting a blister around mile 3 so I think most of the race was really uncomfortable for him but he never gave up! At about mile 5 we ate our first Clif block. My knees were starting to ache and my IT band was tightening...at around mile 6 we came up on Main Street in Magic Kingdom which was lined with spectators cheering us on with awesome signs! I began to get a little teary and giddy and the even Matt flashed a giggly smile when we ran by! It was really a magical moment! At that point I didn't even feel my legs because it just gave me a push to keep going.  

Then at mile 7 I began to get aggravated...I just wanted it to be over and that was when I began to get negative and started to throw myself a pity party. I then began to talk positive to myself. I cranked up my music and told myself "not dead, don't quit!"

Remember when I said how I did some new stuff? Well I never trained with a sports drink during my runs and I decided to switch between water and Powerade and holy crap Powerade is the elixir from God during a long distance race!! It kept me hydrated and all I wanted to do was hang out around the Powerade stations lol! 

We ate our second Clif block at mile 10 and it gave me the jolt I needed to keep going...I felt like my legs were getting heavy and I felt like I was slowing way down....At mile 11 we went up the over pass bridge and they had all of these encouraging signs about the Children's Miracle Network which is the charity that was the recipient from the race. I don't know if it was the mixture of my music or my sheer exhaustion, but I got really emotional and I just felt so encouraged! I always get really emotional in long runs. Maybe its a break through for me? I have a hard time believing in myself and when I prove that I can do something it becomes a life lesson for me...or maybe I was just tired who knows lol
By mile 12 Matt was in excruciating pain and he was beginning to get agitated...it probably wasn't helping that I kept telling him to smile and pose for every photographer as we ran by lol! 
At about 12.6 all I wanted was for the race to be over and I just kept thinking "how do people run a full marathon?!?! This is horrible!" in that mile we made our way into Epcot and it was exciting! We ran by Space Ship earth and I became so happy because I realized that I had basically finished! I was almost there! I was in so much pain, but I knew that I was going to be in pain whether I'm upset or happy, so why not just be happy and be excited that I was actually running around Epcot! That I just ran through Cinderella's castle as Elsa and Anna waved and cheered from above; that I was actually able to have this opportunity! That was when I decided to be happy and excited and not mad and angry. I sucked it up tried to take my mind off the pain and decided that I was going to get that medal and I was going to push with everything in me to get to the end. 
Then all of sudden we wound the bend and there was the big pink Princess finish line! There were bleachers of spectators cheering and me and tons of other ladies in tutus sprinted ahead and crossed the line while I raised my hands in the air with a big smile! I HAD DONE IT! I FINSIHED! I looked behind me and there was Matt smiling but I knew he was in pain so immediately we made our way to the medical tent and all I could think about was icing my knees. It felt incredible when the ice hit my IT band, I never wanted to get off that bench haha! Matt and I just sat back icing our knees and basking in our victory. We had made it. We defied and exceeded all of our expectations...it is one of the most amazing feelings. 

Disney did an AMAZING job with organization, we were given everything we needed to recover. I really recommend running a race with them, because it was sooo fun and organized! They had characters every other mile that people could stand in a line to get pictures with and and they did not skimp on water stations. They were every other mile and there was a Biofreeze and Clif shot station around mile 9 so you really didn't have to worry about much. 
After the race we headed to our car and got our shoes off and devoured ate the contents of our snack boxes. I ate a Luna bar and I gave Matt my tortilla chips. I thought it was a fair trade since he decided to wake up at 2AM, have glitter sprayed in his hair and run 13.1 miles with 1000s of women in tutus ;)
I went into that race with little to no running training, I was injured and overall really negative about the whole thing but I still committed and gave it my all and I ended up running the whole race! Granted, I still went to spin classes every week and cross-trained. Matt and I are pretty committed to a healthy lifestyle so we had a pretty solid fitness base to risk it. I would not have not trained for that long of a distance in regular circumstances. There were several people picked up because they could not keep the pace requirement so overall I don't think it is a great idea to run a half-marathon without training for it unless you're physically active. 
After the race we treated ourselves to pizza beer and a nap! I really focused on hydrating and icing my legs because I knew it would help me get out of bed the next morning. I plan on introducing exercise back in with yoga on Wednesday or Thursday and start doing more circuits and spin in the coming months so I can really focus on healing my injuries. 
What I really learned from this experience is that sometimes you have to push yourself past your comfort zone and when you do-you have no idea what you are capable of. If I would not have run that race and played it safe, I would have regretted it. It is always really hard to believe in myself, but if anything, running has taught me that I can make it. I can defy my expectations and succeed.  

Here are some tips that I learned from running a Disney race: 
  • If you like money and hate crowds-don't sign up for this one. It was so hectic and crowded! I was so glad that I had a half-marathon under my belt because I got a little anxious at how many people were in the race. The cost of Disney races are also super high! But I really think your moneys worth. 
  • SUBMIT PROOF OF TIME! If you plan on running and not walking a Disney half marathon then you seriously should submit a time. They accept 10k and Half-Marathon times and I was thanking God that I did not have to weave in and out of the walkers. When we were getting into our car and leaving (30 minutes after we finished) there were still 1000s of walkers still at mile 10! So submit your proof of time ;) 
  • Get on the road early! Traffic is a b**** and you will be stuck in it along with everybody else but stay calm! They do a great job at directing it since they deal with crowds like that everyday. 
  • Get in a porto-potty line EARLY. I waited like 20 minutes for a bathroom and it almost made me late for my corral. 
  • Don't stay in the parks resorts. We are lucky to live so close to Disney World and we have annual passes to boot. The hotels sky rocket on these popular weekends and the buses from the resorts get stuck in the same traffic as everyone else. 
  • Walk through the water stations! You will cramp up if you don't. 
  • Bring some energy shots like Clif blocks or stingers. They only have 1 station and that is not enough to keep you from bonking. I like to consume blocks 15 minutes before the race, at mile 5 and mile 10 to get me to the end. Don't wait until you bonk out to do that!
  • Foam roll and stretch a week before and after the race. That foam roller is your BFF when it comes to running. It really helped decrease soreness and got me ready for race day. 
  • Dress up! You will be in the minority if you don't dress up. It was so fun to wear a tutu and run around Disney. So have fun and be creative :D
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Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Coffee Amateur's Chemex Tutorial

Have you heard of Chemex coffee? I know it looks weird and seems like the new "Hipster" fad, but it is officially my new favorite way to brew coffee. I never thought any style of brewing would beat my beloved French Press, but I think after a few weeks with the Chemex-I'm completely won over!

As you probably can tell if you follow me on Instagram, I am a total coffee addict. One of my favorite parts of my day is when I take that first sip of coffee. Coffee calms me down in some weird way and yet wakes me up? Its a delightful balance :)

I usually take my coffee with soy milk and some coconut sugar, but with the Chemex the flavor is so good that I have completely cut out sugar and I just add a touch of soy milk to my morning cup. I even find myself turning my nose up to my Keurig at work lol #coffeesnob ha!

I had heard through the blogsphere about Chemex as the new "it" kitchen appliance, but this beaker looking thing has been around for awhile and was creating by a Chemist who was trying to achieve the perfect cup of coffee. I stopped into a local coffee shop when I was in Tampa a couple of weeks ago and the Barista was raving about how the Chemex is everything that is good about the French Press and leaves out all of the bad like the sludge like coffee at the bottom of your mug. He told me that the coffee produces a really clean taste which is also something Matt really prefers to the strong coffee taste of French Press.

I'm no Barista, but after watching countless youtube tutorials, I think I kind of have the hang of it. I may not be doing everything right because I don't have all the fancy shmancy tools, but I've found ways to brew the coffee with all of my stuff on hand-like a regular tea kettle, my coffee grinder and a chopstick? I know just keep reading ;)

So first things first you really need whole beans ground in a medium-course grind. I have a grinder but if you don't, then I, unlike most coffee connoisseurs will say-its fine if you grind it at the grocery store or ask the coffee shop you buy it from to grind it. Again, most coffee pros would be aghast by that but not all of us have grinders so we do what we got to do! :)

Next you want to use a special Chemex filter that you can purchase with your Chemex. Yes, you need these filters (trust me I asked). These filters are really thick and are the main reason the coffee comes out the way that it does. You can buy 100 of them off Amazon for like $11. I bought the square ones and you just pull apart one piece and make it into a cone then place it into the opening. I'm sorry I didn't snap a detailed picture of that part but when you buy the Chemex filters you will see it on the box. You can wash out the filter to get out any of the grittiness in the filter, but I'm lazy and usually skip that step lol.

You add the grounds to the opening in the center of the filter and using a chop stick make a little divot in the center of the grounds to make like a little hole. This is kind of like a science experiment, because once you add the water the coffee "blooms." How much the coffee blooms up will tell you how fresh your coffee is :)

Then with your tea kettle, boil the appropriate amount of water for the coffee that you ground. I'm still kind of figuring out the water thing. I just wait until the tea kettle whistles but apparently you're supposed to be checking the exact temperature of the water? I told you coffee making is serious business! haha

once the water boils, you slowly add it to the grounds adding the water slowly around the edges of the grounds moving your hand in a circle and back and forth to cover all of the grounds evenly. Add water to the center very last.

Then you just allow the coffee to brew and drain down into the pot, discard the filter and grounds and voila! You have made a delicious cup of coffee :)

(Isn't that mug so cute!?!? I finally got a mug with my initial on it! I bought it for $8 at Anthropologie.)

This coffee really loves up to the hype. I even find myself choosing this over Satrbucks! It is really easy to clean too as you just discard the filter and wash it out. I also find it looks chic on m counters :)
I bought the 8 cup pot for about $39 and I have seen it for a similar amount across the internet. Again, I'm not pro at this stuff, I just know that I was really puzzled when I was seeing these pots all across social media and I know all of the extras they sell with these things can make it overwhelming so I thought I would give you the amateur's everyday tutorial that has worked out nicely for me :D

What is your favorite way to brew coffee?

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Four Months Until Paris!

Hello Lovelies :)

I was having a little technical difficulties with my site but thank God for my hubs who was able to solve the issue so now we're back and running :D

We spent the weekend hanging out and relaxing while I re-watched Friends. I swear this show has taken over my life again and it has been off for 11 years! How was your weekend?

I told you guys a few weeks ago that we finally booked our dream trip to Paris and I've just been so excited! Yesterday marked 4 months until we leave! I've been planning forever but I'm just so overwhelmed with everything! There is so much to do there and while I have my heart set on a few activities I know that people who have been there have the scoop on what to do. This is the itinerary I have set up so far and I would love your advice :)

June 4th
Arrive in Paris
Seine River Cruise

June 5th 
Eiffel Tower
Arc de Triomphe
Champ Elysees
Place de la concorde
Pont Alexandre III
Musee Rodin (Just to see "The Thinker")
Back to the hotel

June 6th
Photo shoot in front of the Eiffel (eeeek!!!)
Louvre tour
Le Care Richelieu Angelina's for Lunch
Notre Dame tour
Holy Chapel
Love Locks Bridge
Wine Tasting at O' Chateau

June 7th 
Bike tour through Versailles gardens and tour of the Palace (All day)

June 8th 
National Opera
Musee de l' Organgerie
Musee D' Orsay

June 9th 
Explore the Latin Quarter
Picnic in the Luxemberg gardens
Saint Germain des Pres
The Army Museum

June 10th-Fly home

Please forgive me if I spelled anything wrong, I was just pulling from my personal itinerary. 

Am I missing anything? I would love to know about any other fun things to do! I'm a planner as you can tell lol...I just really wanted to have each day planned out and I did my best at keeping everything for each day in the same areas. I have already began favoriting restaurants that look appealing but now that we are with T-Mobile I will get free international data so we can explore whatever is around us. I'm not worrying about my diet for Paris because I just don't care, I want to experience the city the same way I did with Rome. I walked everywhere, drank wine everyday and ate pizza every chance I got! I didn't gain weight and my clothes still fit at the end of it so I'm not going to be worried about that now :) I'm going to eat macaroons try French champagne and live it up! You only live once right?? :)

We also have free international wifi calling so that will be awesome for staying in contact with our families and checking in on my little fur balls..side note: to all the kitty mamas-I'm seriously already panicking about leaving them :( if you have any tips on how to make leaving them less stressful on m me them that would be amazing :)

I mentioned above in my itinerary that we are doing a photo shoot in front of the Eiffel tower and basically we are hiring a photographer in Paris to take photos of Matt and I! I have always wanted that iconic ultra romantic photo in front of the Eiffel tower, so I did everything I can to save up for that. I know we will have that forever to show our kids and grandkids :)

With that being said, I'm obsessing over what I will wear and I'm on the hunt for great makeup for photos. I was thinking Smashbox or Nars? Any advice from you Beauty Mavens would be awesome :)

I'm thinking of a tulle midi skirt with bold top for the What do you guys think? 

I'm trying to obviously keep the packing down so I may have my carry on and then Matt would carry a garment bag as his carry on and we would share a larger checked bag. I know I'll want to shop while I'm there, but I'm not really one to buy tons of clothes on travel. Especially considering how pricey some of the department stores can get in Paris (I'm not a big high end name brand kind of gal).

I'm also kind of afraid of flying...I did okay on the way to Italy for our honeymoon, but I'm kind of freaking out more now. Maybe all of these recent commercial airline crashes have kind of freaked me out? I'm trying to remain rational and work through those fears. I also get anxious about traveling in general so I usually overpack...I really wish I was a carefree light traveler like my husband, but I'm not...what would you recommend to pack for Paris in June? I'm from Florida so I know their definition of "warm" maybe actually chilly to a Florida girl lol! I'm already getting a list together for my carry on beauty products and simply just to survive the boredom of an 8 hour flight. 

Any tips would be absolutely wonderful!

On a another note, I was going to post a recipe last weekend but I just didn't have the time with my mom visiting. I will probably post a recipe soon, or maybe about other lifestyle things that are happening lately :D

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Natural Skin Care

This is an non-sponsored post. I was in no way compensated for this article (I wish ha!) all opinions below are mine.

I told you in my last post that I would talk about other things on my blog besides food and exercise and I am here to to talk about my natural skin care for winter! I also wanted to briefly talk about some makeup I've ben loving lately.

We have been having chilly weather the last week and a half and maybe I'm a wimp, but my skin is not used to this drop in humidity... My skin has been dry, patchy and scaly like a lizard! Matt says I'm being dramatic but I promise the struggle is real! haha ;)

As a teen I struggled with skin issues (who didn't?) and it has always kind of been an area that I can easily become insecure about. I did not experience severe acne, but I did deal with breakouts like a lot of teenagers and it was not until college that I began eating healthier and cut out soda that my skin cleared up and began to glow! I now rarely have even one blemish and I easily go out with makeup regularly which would have never happened when I was 16. I know that I definitely care for my body more than I did back then and while I know a lot of people have skin issues despite a clean diet, I think my skin problems were directly related to how I was eating and I was not drinking nearly enough water! A doctor once told me that our digestive system can really affect our skin so maybe that was what was going on in my situation?

I'm happy to say that I now have really great skin! I think it is in part from not having wacky teenage hormones lol and trying to take great care of my body. I get compliments all the time about my skin and I really think it is due to my diet, getting plenty of sleep and drinking tons of water!
Here I am no makeup and on the internet! ;)
I'm not really a makeup guru but I have always been a die hard bareMinerals fan simply because it was the one makeup that never caused an allergic reaction on my face! Unfortunately, I inherited extremely sensitive skin (thanks Mom) so I am always afraid to venture out in terms of my skin care and makeup choices. It was not only drugstore makeup either! I once bought an expensive department store foundation that caused me to literally break out into hives...yikes!
Products pictured: IT Airbrush Complexion Perfection Brush, Smashbox Camera Ready BB cream in Light, bareMinerals Hydrating Mineral Veil, bareMinerals Correcting Concealer in Light 2, Bareskin in Bare Natural, BareSkin in Bare Natural, bareMinerals blush in Vintage Peach and bareMinerals Original Foundation in Fairly Medium (in the summer I switch to Medium Beige if I'm tanner) bareMinerals Well-Rested Concealer and Real Techniques Blush brush.  I bought all products from Ulta 

I love the natural makeup look with maybe a bold red lip on occasion. I usually stick to my tried and true bareMinerals original foundation, but recently I decided that I needed more hydration in my makeup. I LOVE Smashbox's BB cream since it has SPF and tends to help moisturize my skin, but I needed more hydration aside from that and the powder may just be for spring and summer.  I decided to give the bareMinerals BareSkin foundation out and it is a dream! I'm no expert when it comes to makeup, but I really like the look and feel of the foundation and it was kind of in between in terms of prices (one bottle is $29). I found that I only needed a few drops and it blended smoothly and easily on my skin. I felt like I was giving my dry skin a big glass of water which is amazing since it is makeup! bareMinerals never fails me! :)

Here is what it looked like when I gave it a go yesterday (mind you I used a lot of the products above and some not pictured to finish the look).

I'm a true believer that it is more important to take care of our skin health and use makeup to enhance our natural beauty, but I have always had fun experimenting with new colors and I know a lot of people express their creativity through that particular artistic media. So I have been coming out of my comfort zone and playing with liquid eyeliner and bolder colors, because the little things can help boost our self esteem some days :)

Sukibody Velvet Moisturizing Cream, Suki balancing day lotion, bareMinerals Purifying Facial Cleanser

In order to combat some of my dry skin issues I've been sticking to natural remedies and natural skin care lines. I usually use Suki cleansers but it has been WAAAYYYYY too abrasive on my skin! Just this past week I used the purifying cleanser and the strengthening toner and it made my face sting so bad and turned me bright red! I freaked out and thought I had developed rosacea LOL! I ended up sending it back and purchasing the bareMinerals purifying face wash and I like to use it with my Clarisonic Mia brush and it has helped calm my skin. I've been obsessively applying Suki's moisturizer which is so nice and light on my skin and that has made a tremendous difference. 

I also like to do a Manuka honey mask every once in awhile to really hydrate and oxygenate my skin. I never really heard of Manuka honey until I was reading some random beauty blog about it and I thought I would give it a try! I'm not really privy to the science behind it but from what I understand, Manuka honey is more of an "active" honey in comparison to other honeys? When I combine it with some lavendar water (couple drops of lavender essential oil mixed with water in a spray bottle) it activates the honey to act like a natural moisturizer and helps naturally prevent acne. I feel like my skin just drinks it up and it calms my skin. I also like to make my own DIY face scrub just by mixing lavender oil, Manuka honey, coconut oil and organic sugar and then scrub it all over my body in the shower to remove the dry skin. The scrub leaves my skin so soft and smells amazing!

I think I'll be dealing with dry skin for the remainder of the cold spell, but at least I can help with the keeping it healthy. I picked up some Argan oil this weekend and it feels so velvety on my skin and hair. I'm excited to see if it works better than my best friend coconut oil :)

It also occurred to me the other day that it has been 19 months since I began growing out my Pixie! My hair is at or a little below my shoulders and I really like the cut and length of it! I look forward to it getting longer but I'm no longer finding myself pulling at my roots trying to make it grow. I'm even able to pull it up in a messy ballet bun which is a miracle for the days that I don't feel like doing my hair ;)

Here is Matt and I enjoying this gorgeous weather here in Florida

I'll be going for a run tonight as a way to kind of keep myself somewhat training for this Disney Princess Half, I'm definitely looking forward to doing something other than running for a little while! 

What kind of skincare and makeup do you find that is great for your skin type? 

Note: I am not a skin care expert, all above tips are simply things that have worked in my personal situation. 
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Thursday, January 22, 2015


So its been a hot minute since I've blogged anything and I apologize in advance if this post seems all over the place...basically the last couple of months have swirled by with apartment improvements (thats a thing right?) half marathon training, the Holidays and then we unfortunately lost my Grandmother after my first half Marathon in November...needless to say my life has been consumed with everything else and not any time for blogging. in a nutshell-we in the Davis household are gearing up for another half-marathon (the Disney Princess!!!) I'm overcoming some injuries from running and we're trying to get this new year off to a positive start after a year of amazing accomplishments but also some heart breaks...We had a great Thanksgiving and Christmas with our families considering our loss...we definitely felt more grateful to have each other this year than any years before...

Matt started his new position in his leadership program and I'm back to work after an amazing and refreshing two week vacation over the Holidays. I'm not a resolutions gal, but I have been focusing on more positivity and we have set up some attainable goals for our health, finances and our relationship. I try to see the resolutions as more of a bucket list-I just pull one thing out after another and if I don't get to it then there is always next year :) I try to let things unfold organically instead of making a unattainable list that just makes me feel like I'm not good enough. 

The biggest thing on our bucket list this year is our trip to Paris!!! We just booked last week and I cannot tell you how excited I am to finally make my dream of standing in front of the Eiffel tower a reality. We have not had a real vacation since our honeymoon and we have saved and saved to make this one amazing! I cannot wait to ride bikes through the gardens of Versailles, stare at the Eiffel tower, eat macaroons and sip on champagne near the river Seine (can you tell I've been planning a lot lol?) I am however going to be missing my little fur balls like crazy. I for reals may have a panic attack when I leave them with my sister-in-law :P

One of the other goals I have this year is to really take time to blog more. I really love it and it is an outlet for me, but like so many of us I too fall victim to "busyness" and I forget to make time for some important things that I love and that help me de-stress. I want this blog to not only be about recipes, which is what it began as, but also a place where I can talk about everything else that may be on the radar like our travels, home improvements and you know other adult stuff? Like I finally took the time to decorate our apartment over my vacation and it is amazing how a few changes can really make you feel at home!

As we change so do our goals and aspirations. I have more to contribute than just recipes and I want more to be on the table in terms of what I discuss on here (no pun intended ;)

In terms of fitness, I've been hitting up a local yoga studio once a week for hot yoga or vinyasa and it has changed my life! I love the studio atmosphere and yoga has been a real staple in my life since I began my fitness journey. It really heals the heart and soul emotionally and strengthens you physically which is a fulfillment that I do not receive from any other form of exercise. As far as running goes...I'm really looking forward to this next half being over...I've had ongoing problems with my calves and no matter what I do whether its compression sleeves, hours of yoga and rest-it doesn't really go away and it only seems to be an issue while I'm running. I've seen the chiropractor and while he says that I don't have any serious damage he did said I have a lot of knots in my legs adn it could get a lot worse...I've been seeing their onsite massage therapist and I'm hoping that will help...its literally making me burnt out on running and although I don't want to give up, I also have to take care of my body and my legs. I'm going to give it my all within reason and try to train this weekend with a 10 miler. If I can do that, I think I will feel more confident in my ability to run the race. Thankfully it is the Disney Princess which is more for fun than for time. Matt and my running friends have been really encouraging and all I can do it take care of my body and take it one day at a time. I'm still going to spin, yoga and completing CRAZY circuit workouts that I put together (I'll post further on that in the future) all of which has been keeping my endurance up and keeping me healthy happy and sane ;)

I hope you had a great and happy Holiday season and we wish you nothing but happiness and love in 2015. I'll be back soon with some recipe inspiration!

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