Thursday, January 22, 2015


So its been a hot minute since I've blogged anything and I apologize in advance if this post seems all over the place...basically the last couple of months have swirled by with apartment improvements (thats a thing right?) half marathon training, the Holidays and then we unfortunately lost my Grandmother after my first half Marathon in November...needless to say my life has been consumed with everything else and not any time for blogging. in a nutshell-we in the Davis household are gearing up for another half-marathon (the Disney Princess!!!) I'm overcoming some injuries from running and we're trying to get this new year off to a positive start after a year of amazing accomplishments but also some heart breaks...We had a great Thanksgiving and Christmas with our families considering our loss...we definitely felt more grateful to have each other this year than any years before...

Matt started his new position in his leadership program and I'm back to work after an amazing and refreshing two week vacation over the Holidays. I'm not a resolutions gal, but I have been focusing on more positivity and we have set up some attainable goals for our health, finances and our relationship. I try to see the resolutions as more of a bucket list-I just pull one thing out after another and if I don't get to it then there is always next year :) I try to let things unfold organically instead of making a unattainable list that just makes me feel like I'm not good enough. 

The biggest thing on our bucket list this year is our trip to Paris!!! We just booked last week and I cannot tell you how excited I am to finally make my dream of standing in front of the Eiffel tower a reality. We have not had a real vacation since our honeymoon and we have saved and saved to make this one amazing! I cannot wait to ride bikes through the gardens of Versailles, stare at the Eiffel tower, eat macaroons and sip on champagne near the river Seine (can you tell I've been planning a lot lol?) I am however going to be missing my little fur balls like crazy. I for reals may have a panic attack when I leave them with my sister-in-law :P

One of the other goals I have this year is to really take time to blog more. I really love it and it is an outlet for me, but like so many of us I too fall victim to "busyness" and I forget to make time for some important things that I love and that help me de-stress. I want this blog to not only be about recipes, which is what it began as, but also a place where I can talk about everything else that may be on the radar like our travels, home improvements and you know other adult stuff? Like I finally took the time to decorate our apartment over my vacation and it is amazing how a few changes can really make you feel at home!

As we change so do our goals and aspirations. I have more to contribute than just recipes and I want more to be on the table in terms of what I discuss on here (no pun intended ;)

In terms of fitness, I've been hitting up a local yoga studio once a week for hot yoga or vinyasa and it has changed my life! I love the studio atmosphere and yoga has been a real staple in my life since I began my fitness journey. It really heals the heart and soul emotionally and strengthens you physically which is a fulfillment that I do not receive from any other form of exercise. As far as running goes...I'm really looking forward to this next half being over...I've had ongoing problems with my calves and no matter what I do whether its compression sleeves, hours of yoga and rest-it doesn't really go away and it only seems to be an issue while I'm running. I've seen the chiropractor and while he says that I don't have any serious damage he did said I have a lot of knots in my legs adn it could get a lot worse...I've been seeing their onsite massage therapist and I'm hoping that will help...its literally making me burnt out on running and although I don't want to give up, I also have to take care of my body and my legs. I'm going to give it my all within reason and try to train this weekend with a 10 miler. If I can do that, I think I will feel more confident in my ability to run the race. Thankfully it is the Disney Princess which is more for fun than for time. Matt and my running friends have been really encouraging and all I can do it take care of my body and take it one day at a time. I'm still going to spin, yoga and completing CRAZY circuit workouts that I put together (I'll post further on that in the future) all of which has been keeping my endurance up and keeping me healthy happy and sane ;)

I hope you had a great and happy Holiday season and we wish you nothing but happiness and love in 2015. I'll be back soon with some recipe inspiration!

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Red Ribbon Half Marathon

We did it! As of 9:45 on Saturday morning, Matt and I became half-marathoners! The accomplishment felt amazing and I'm so proud of us. There were so many moments during the run that I felt like giving up but I didn't :)
We woke up at 4AM on Saturday. The temperature was around 50 degrees with a humidity of 90%, making it extremely chilly. I stuffed my face with an almond butter smeared English muffin and sipped on my coffee. I was nervous and excited. I had my clothes laid out the night before, all the way down to my socks, head band and I pinned my bib onto my shirt. I was ready to go, and yet ready for it all to be over. Matt and I arrived to where the race was at around 6 AM. This Florida girl was freezing and I was in shorts. Matt and I did our dynamic stretches and around 6:45 we ate our Stinger waffle as we got in line with the pacers. I stuck with the 2:20 group because I didn't want to be overwhelmed with people passing me with my first half-marathon. The open ceremony ended and we were off! My adrenaline was pumping but I tried to keep a steady pace. We ended up comfortably passing the 2:20 group and kept the 2:10 group in our sites. The first 4 miles were easy, and the weather felt amazing. There were hilarious signs, and signs that made me feel so thankful and encouraged. One girl held a sign that said "Run like a girl!" and another saying "Run for those who can't" while another was the face of Ryan Gosling in glasses and said "Hey girl" which added a little pep to my run ;) Tons of people from the community came out with their lawn chairs and cheered us on throughout the course and I realized why so many people love to run these races! The community and encouragement was so awesome and really helped me enjoy the run. By mile 4.50 I saw a porto potty and I knew I needed to go! We stopped and waited in line which hurt our time, but I tried to keep my mind off that and enjoy myself. I was not going to run another 9 miles or so having to pee lol.

Around mile 5 I ate a pack of Stinger gummies and filled up our water bottle (buying a water bottle made for running was one of the best decisions we made). The water stations were spread out for this race, and trying to drink a cup of water in a hurry usually results in you splashing water all over your face and shirt instead of drinking it. I think out of nervousness I drank too much water early on and it resulted in a tummy cramp (I know rookie mistake). At about mile 8 I was beginning to feel the aches in my knees and my calves, but I refused to walk. I kept going along, and by mile 10 I was lagging and I was thanking God that I packed a second pack of gummies since the race only provided one GU station. The last 4 miles felt like forever and they were by far the legs hurt and by that time I was beating myself up for going "slow." Half-marathons hurt and by that point I was asking myself "why the heck did you sign up for this?" and at mile 11 I heard all the cheers and read the encouraging signs again and I began to talk to myself and pray. I began to tell myself "just two more miles" and "you're strong, you can make." I probably looked like a crazy person muttering to myself, but by that point I was tired, in pain and ready for it to be over. Mile 12 which was up a hill that I had practiced during my training and just so happened to be through the college campus I work! Having the hill be at the end of the race killed me! I swear I felt like a turtle running through peanut butter, but I never stopped! I pushed with everything in me up that hill and while I was crawling running up the hill I saw a man in a wheel chair with a sign cheering us on, and I was just so humbled by it that I gave it my all to finish the hill. I ran another 1/2 mile and then the steepest of all the hills came up near the finish line and with all the energy I had left- I ran up the hill when I heard the most beautiful sound-the sound of cheers from the finish line. I grabbed Matt's hand (he was so nice to stay with me the whole time) and we crossed the finish line together! It was the most amazing feeling! I was greeted with a medal and Gatorade. I swear I've never wanted a Gatorade more in my life! I could feel the salt on my skin and I needed electrolytes immediately. We walked to the Runner's village and while Matt downed a chocolate milk with a muffin, I felt woozy and slowly ate a banana. We snapped pictures, and slowly wobbled walked back to our car with the biggest smiles :) 
We indulged in pizza and beer for lunch as our victory meal and I spent the rest of the day stretching, foam rolling, and putting my feet up while I watched Netflix. That half-marathon was by far one of the hardest things I have every done, and I felt so proud and accomplished to be have completed it. There were times I really wanted to give up, but I just kept talking to myself and staying positive. Running challenges your mind more than your body, and I feel so proud that I could push through the pain and finish despite a cold, and despite the challenging course. We finished the half at 2:20 and although that sounds slow to some, I feel so proud and accomplished. I really worked hard for this. Now its time to begin training for the Disney Princess half! This time I'm going to begin working on speed. It is truly amazing what you can accomplish when you work hard :)

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Friday, November 7, 2014

13.1 Miles-Ready or Not.

Tomorrow I run my first half-marathon. It has been a tiring and yet an incredible journey! I've had the best running partner and I've grown stronger physically, emotionally and mentally. I am my worst critic and I never thought I could run 12 miles or even be a day away from running a half marathon, but here we are! Although I'm so nervous I feel an incredible spirit of peace pouring over me this morning. I've worked so hard to prepare for this race.

I've kept my nutrition in check, I carb-loaded yesterday and I've been taking it easy all week because I have felt a slight cold (I've heard this common during a taper week). I have been eating clean plant-based meals with some extra cold-pressed veggie juices to just to prepare my body for the race. I have also been spending about 15 minutes a day to foam roll and stretch my legs. Taking it easy this week has been exactly what my body needs.

My whole life I've always been so critical of myself and I've spent the whole week scared that I will some how fail at running the half, or some way some how I won't be able to complete it. Those thoughts however are drowned out by a divine peace and confidence in my training. I don't talk about personal faith very much on this blog, but I am so grateful to God for giving me strength and keeping me so healthy through this. He has matched my every step and has been with me through every part of this journey.

A lot of sweat and emotion goes into training for a race, and anything that requires hard work for that matter. There were a couple moments where I felt insecure about my body and then while I completing a long run, I remember being so grateful for the very legs and body that I was insecure about the day before. Every muscle, tendon and ligament was strong enough to take my body through every mile. How could I not be proud and thankful for it? How could I be critical of a body that could carry me through my day-the same body that houses my heart and my human spirit. That lesson has been the greatest asset that I have gained through this training. So many people are unable to physically run tomorrow, and I am humbled and thankful that I get to run those 13.1 miles.

So here we go! We're ready to run hard, but most of all- we're ready to enjoy ourselves :)

If you feel led, please donate to the Inner Act Alliance, which works to prevent underage alcohol and tobacco abuse. Donate here:  

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Pumpkin Hummus

Well it has been a crazy month. We moved, Matt received an amazing opportunity at work, lots of half-marathon training and then before I knew it we were in October and I will be turning 25 next Monday. Where has the time gone? I swear I feel like it was just summer and now my apartment is full of fall decorations and now I'm stuffing myself with everything pumpkin or some other squash. I swear once the first day of fall rolls around, I frantically run around the grocery store with excitement buying up cinnamon brooms and everything that is seasonal. I've been living off squash soups, and fall-related recipes because I just LOVE FALL. Florida falls and winters are amazing and I look forward to shorter days and crisper and less humid weather :)

This week I got a cooking bug and decided to scour Pinterest for fall recipes and what did I find?!?! PUMPKIN HUMMUS from the amazing Pinch of Yum. She has better pictures than me, because lets be honest, I was too excited to snap too many shots. As you can see in the pic above-I was already diving in with my cracker that was not able to handle the weight of the hummus that I was scooping onto it lol (see recipe below).

In running news, we ran our longest run yet on Saturday and it was killer! I felt so proud of us for sticking to this goal and I really could not have done it without Matt. I become such a baby near the end of long runs and his positivity just keeps me going :) 

I'm excited/nervous for the race, but I'm positive that we have worked hard and we will accomplish this together on November 8th!

Oh and these little fur balls are loving all of their new space and lake view :) 
Catober October puts a spot light on black cats and we're so LUCKY to have these two to love and spoil :) 

Pumpkin Hummus (inspired by Pinch of Yum)
 by Whitney Davis
 Prep Time: 10 minutes
 Keywords: vegetarian gluten-free Thanksgiving fall
  • 4 cloves roasted garlic
  • 2 Coconut oil
  • 4 tablespoons water
  • 2 cans chickpeas, drained and rinsed
  • 1 can pumpkin puree
  • 1 honey
  • 1teaspoon finely minced fresh rosemary (more to taste)
  • salt to taste
To roast the garlic, add the cloves to 1 the coconut oil and simmer on low for 15 to 20 minutes or until fragrant.
Puree all ingredients except rosemary in a blender or food processor until smooth. Add more oil or water as needed. Stir in the rosemary.
Serve with whole wheat crackers, veggies or apples!
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